Team Building Tapas Chef

  • DurationDuration: Entre 2 y 3 hours
  • Size of groupSize of group: For groups between 10 and 400 people.
  • Physical demandPhysical demand: Low.

Your hands create your destiny. Ingredient after ingredient, recipe after recipe. A competition that dresses your senses. An experience that makes you a master of the kitchen.

You and your team. The rivals. The chronometer. The jury. And the best gastronomic culture of a destination. The Andalusian gazpacho, the Catalan pa amb tomàquet, the sangria.

Have fun in this great experience that serves as a team building and will allow you to learn and taste authentic dishes of Spain.

Masterchof is a teambuilding activity that takes participants to get to know  Spanish gastronomy in an active and funny way.

In an initial briefing, participants will be divided into groups to face the different creations that make up the activity. Each group will receive a notebook with the order of rotation in which they have to compete in the different desks, as well as descriptions of each challenge and, if necessary, the recipe.

The teams will have all the material and ingredients necessary to prepare the different cold dishes and drinks. Teamwork and creativity will be very important factors to successfully face the activity.

The MasterChof jury will present and taste each dish or drink prepared. Then, they will evaluate each of them. The winning team will be the one with the highest score in all challenges, but the best team from each recipe can also be awarded.


For groups of 10 - 400 people.
Entre 2 y 3 hours. Remember that the duration of the activities is indicative, since we adapt to the needs, size and characteristics of the group.
Costa del Sol
Pueblos blancos del interior
Costa Brava
Jerez de la Frontera

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