Team building of Exploramás is more than just the literal meaning of “building a team”. Team building means teamwork, unity, cooperation as well as motivation, fun, communication between people, leadership, resistence, decision making, reaction, and confidence. A teambuilding activity of Exploramás is an experience that joins and entertains people; that motivates and excites; that creates bonds and memories between the participants; that promotes communication, dialogues and empathy.

Our teambuilding activities for companies include adventure, sports, culture, incentive, history, CSR, education and fun. You select your objective and we create your personal teamwork experience filled with emotions. We design team building activities according to your objectives and we adapt it to your personal needs. Our team games take place outdoor as well as indoor and are suitable for big and small groups. They serve as outdoor training or as company incentives, furthermore include CSR experiences.

Found 29 activities.


Through the completion of team building we:

  • promote teamwork
  • strengthen the motivation for taking on daily commitments and facing them in a positive manner
  • encourage the interpersonal communication
  • develop leadership within a group
  • increase stress resistance
  • support and develop the decision-making processes
  • improve the capacity to react to pressure at work
  • increase the level of trust among colleagues.

The teambuilding activities of Exploramas have different levels and are always adapted to the group and the profile of the participants in order to always offer a unique experience.