Team Building in Barcelona

Barcelona is one of the most famous tourist destinations in the world. This cosmopolitan bold city distinguishes itself with its art, its culture, its architecture, its cuisine and its pioneering spirit.

Barcelona offers a wide range of high quality facilities for conferences and conventions, a modern and exclusive selection of hotels, an excellent transportation network, as well as an abundant supply of cultural, commercial and leisure activities which make it to one of Europe’s most popular destinations for incentives.

Its townscape is marked through Roman ruins, medieval quarters and some of the most beautiful establishments of Modernism and the 20th century. Barcelona’s society is open, tolerant and welcoming. The cultural diversity of this city is one of its principal values and is strongly reflected in the cuisine, music, art and traditions.

Barcelona is also adventurous. The region has 15 Natural Parks and a Biosphere Reserve, which make it perfectly suitable for rock climbing, canyoning, hiking or mountain biking. Its golden coastal line stretches over more than 100 kilometers and therefore, offers marvelous locations for leisure and entertainment activities.

Outdoor activities for companies in Barcelona

Gymkhana in Barcelona: playing with the destination

Enigma iPad is a cultural team building activity which combines a gymkhana with a treasure hunt. This event transforms Barcelona’s gothic quarter into an exciting game board full of puzzles, clues and challenges; an active and entertaining way to get to know a magical area that includes a gastronomic visit to the central Boqueria Market.

CSR in Barcelona: emotions for a good cause

A child’s smile is priceless. You can contribute to their welfare with one of our CSR initiatives. The renovation and improvement of a Children’s Home in Barcelona is one of the most satisfying and motivating activities. The emotional involvement is a powerful tool for creating team spirit based on a grand social cause. Definitely, team building in Barcelona is very beneficial and enriching.

Indoor activities for companies in Barcelona

Indoor reforestation: green living

Create new life with your own hands in Indoor Reforestation, a CSR event and a team building activity in Barcelona. Learn an oriental, alternative and natural cultivation technique that involves you and awakens your spirit of commitment to the environment. This original and entertaining revegetation event can be carried out in any indoor location.

Team Building Golf Experience
Prepare your strike. Adjust the movement. Your aim. You hit the ball and… you score! This is Golf Experience. Learning and competition. Team building and fun. An entertaining activity, in which you will learn how to play golf with the help of professional experts. Master the technique and movements, practice swing and putt, improve your […]
Team Building Mountain Bike
Hidden paradises. Places full of charm. Incomparable routes in which you set the rhythm. In our Mountain Bike routes, admiration and fun are up to you. Security and the work are up to us. Discover Andalusia, Madrid, Barcelona. Without traffic lights, without traffic jams, without traffic. Dare to explore the natural scenery. An adventure that […]
Team Building Adventure Challenge
Rocks, mountains, canyons, 4×4, bow and arrows… Face the great Adventure Challenge. Skill, orientation, boldness, curiosity, achievement, fun and games. You are a real adventurer, an explorer of emotions and experiences, the protagonist of an unforgettable expedition. You will have to test your own limits, confront them, overcome them. Learn climbing techniques. Get to know […]
Team Building Hiking Routes in Spain
Enjoy the walk. Appreciate the details. Slow down the pace of your life. With every step you take there is a lot to discover. Experience the hiking routes in Spain. A pathway to enjoy the beauty, calmness and tranquility of the nature. Step by step. Natural parks, biosphere reserves, protected areas, beautiful villages hidden in […]
Team Building Flamenco
Clap your hands. Mark the beat on the drums. Shining shawls. Thundering stomping. Flamenco Team Building, a cultural team building activity, which lets you dive into the folklore and culture of Spain with its music, cuisine and art. Dance like a Sevillana, maintain the beat on the percussion instruments and learn how to make Gazpacho […]
Team Building Jeep Emotion
Search, drive, challenge. Explore the route. Observe, interpret, sense. Feel the thrill of the unknown. The road inclines. The forest closes around you. A river cuts off your way. However, where there’s a will there’s always a way: the adventure. You have an all-terrain vehicle. Trust in your sense of orientation. This is the Jeep […]
Team Building Enigma Ipad
Technology. Teaming. Fun. Surprises. More than a gymkhana with an iPad. Much more than a treasure hunt. Enigma iPad is a fun urban adventure for companies that allows you to discover surprising places. Streets, neighborhoods, towns and cities turn into a great game board for you and your team in this team building experience. Technology […]
Team Building Tapas Tour For Companies
Taste the destination in a bite. The city in a small sip. Get to know the gastronomy, the habits, the culture and the people on a tour to charming places with a lot of character. Tapas Route for companies. Try the best culinary specialties of the area. Enjoy some of the region’s best wines. All […]
Team Building Cinema
Lights, cameras and… entertainment! During this iPad Cinema Team Building, you will shoot your short film and at the same time get the opportunity to explore the destination. Bold framings. Creative dialogues. Improvised performances. A shooting in which you and your team are the stars. Turn on the iPad and start recording. Liberate your creativity […]
Team Building Harley Davidson Routes
Can you hear the roaring of the engine? The sound is captivating, evocative and unique. Nothing compares to it. Your heartbeat will increase. The roads will be multiplied. The myth takes control of you. You get on an authentic Harley Davidson. It is much more than just riding a motorbike. It is a dream come […]

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