Team Building Tai Chi for Companies

  • DurationDuration: 1 hours
  • Size of groupSize of group: For groups between 20 and 1000 people.
  • Physical demandPhysical demand: Low.

A dialogue with yourself. Without words. A look inside. No rush. A process of relaxation.
Meditation in movement. A chance to start a day in a different way. Natural, healthy.

This is Tai chi for companies. Recharge your energy with inner calmness and fluid motions.

The sound of the waves, the leaves of the trees, the water flowing down the river. An experience that will activate your senses and prepare you to confront your day in a different manner.

Tai chi is a relaxing healthy activity. You will experience this martial art, that combines skill and relaxation, at the hand of a master. Stress, anxiety, emotional tensions, physical discomfort. These are all effects of a sedentary rhythm of life in which we loose ourselves.

With this Tai chi experience for companies you will become aware of this and you will start to change the bad habits.

Tai chi is meditation while moving. An ancient discipline, which favors circulation of the inner energy, improves your health and increases your vitality. This team building experience offers you a different rhythm, a moment to find your inner self and the opportunity to consciously take in the environment. Therefore, we look for locations that add value to your experience. Fabulous vineyards. Majestic natural beaches. Unique places in the mountains.

For groups of 20 - 1000 people.
1 hours. Remember that the duration of the activities is indicative, since we adapt to the needs, size and characteristics of the group.
Sierra Nevada
Costa Brava
Punta Umbría
Sierra del Collserola
Entorno del Penedés
Pueblos blancos del interior
Sancti Petri
Entorno de Sierra de las Nieves
Costa del Sol
Jerez de la Frontera

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