Team Building in Doñana

Dunes, forests, marshes and beaches. It is the biggest Andalusian paradise. With more than 120,000 hectares, hundreds of species of flora and fauna coexist in the Doñana Natural Area, which gives it an almost incalculable ecological value. A beautiful mosaic of landscapes with a unique biodiversity in Europe.

The Doñana Natural Park, considered a World Heritage Centre by UNESCO, will be the ideal place for Team Building activities in the nature. Enjoy a labyrinth of land and water that gives shape to its lagoons, beaches and spectacular cliffs.

Outdoor activities for companies in Doñana

Team building Hiking in Doñana

Enjoy such a magical place through their paths. Admire the landscape, live each step. Walk the Doñana Hiking Routes at your own pace. Live an adventure in Mountan Bike through an atmosphere that will lead you to discover unforgettable natural landscapes.

Team building Jeep emotion in Doñana

If you prefer to take it easy, get in a 4×4 car and feel the excitement of a road full of surprises in the Jeep Emotion challenge. No races, just living a different experience of team building in Doñana Park and discovering the different corners of this fantastic place.

Beach volley team building activity in Doñana

If you are looking for a more competitive team building activity, you can enjoy the beautiful beaches of Doñana, a unique place to dispute the Beach Volleyball Tournament, or the Rafts Construction with race included.

Team Building Blank Canvas
Bring color to your life. Show your perspective. Add your personal touch. Find your muse here. It is your turn. Blank Canvas Team Building is waiting for your creativity and the creativity of your team. You are facing physical and mental challenges. Pay attention. Overcome the test. Once achieved, you will reach a creative challenge. […]
Team Building Reforestation
Hold the sand in your hands. Feel the connection to the earth. An experience that engages you with the environment, with the destination. You are reviving the ground which was destroyed by fire not long ago. Now, thanks to you, the natural life can flourish again. This is the reforestation event for companies that will […]
Team Building Indoor Reforestation
Feel the soil on your hands. It takes you back to the roots. Connect with nature, protect it, help it grow. Share the excitement of life. And all this without having to change the location. Indoor Reforestation is an activity with a clear commitment to CSR that makes you a participant in a system of […]
Team Building Flamenco Battle
You participate in a grand flamenco performance, one of the most recognised musical styles of the Spanish culture. However, this is not what it seems to be. The show is interrupted, it suddenly changes, it captures you and turns you into a protagonist of this entertaining battle of talents. Suddenly, you exchange the role with […]
Team Building Rock Climbing
“If everything indicates that you can not pass by a place, it is necessary to pass. This is exactly what it is about.” Albert Frederick Mummery. The grand wall towers upwards in front of your eyes. The challenge awakens emotions and motivates you. Now it is you who revives the quote of the father of […]
Team Building Street Art Experience
The spray forms a part of your art. Create outlines. Fill them with your essence. You and your teammates reinvent the destination with a different, creative and free point of view. This is inspiration. This is talent. This is teamwork. The Street Art Experience is team building with graffiti in which you dive into this […]
Team Building Explora Tour
Unknown paths that lead you into spectacular sceneries. Mountain roads, forest routes and cobbled streets in the hidden white villages. Team Building Explora Tour is a journey in 4×4 vehicles which the speed does not count and the time does not matter. You just drive and enjoy the view. We will guide you, and you’ll discover […]
Team Building Big Paddle Surf
Your balance is the balance of your team. Aligned and synchronized you row together in search for victory. Coordination. Turns and back turns. Choose the right wave, get ahead of your opponents and achieve your goals. Have you ever tried Stand Up Paddling? Get up and try Big Paddle Surfing in Málaga, Barcelona, Valencia, Cádiz,… […]
No rush. No schedules. No worries. The breeze and the sun take you on a journey of calm and tranquillity. Forget about to run everywhere, time doesn’t matter. The destination imposes itself, the road is your experience. Natural parks, mountain ranges, coastal roads, villages full of charm. All in a convertible vehicle. Your instinct and […]
Team Building Karting Race
Let the engine roar over the pavement. The starting line marks the limit. You compete with your opponents, you fight against the stopwatch. Speed, excitement, adrenaline. The Kart Race for Companies, a thrilling experience; a race where not only the speed counts. The ability and skill to steer your kart can lead you directly to […]

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