Adrenalin, surprise, discovery, learning, fun… adventure! Live exciting experiences, explore amazing landscapes, share unique moments. Convert any path into a breathtaking adventure. We are specialists in this. It is in our DNA.

4×4 routes, climbing, canyoning, mountain bike routes, trekking. Discover an exciting outdoor adventure program for companies. We let you experience the nature, we provide unrepeatable moments with maximum security and the complete tranquility guaranteed by great professionals.

Found 12 activities.

Incentives for companies, Outdoor Training and Team Building

Action. Emotion. Adventure. In the Outdoor Adventure program of Exploramás, you will find experiences to learn, to enjoy, to live, to feel and to share. Outdoor events that function perfectly as amazing business incentives, which surprise and motivate.

Activities for companies in nature that strengthen the team spirit, involve all participants, eliminate barriers and create teams. Outdoor training adventures to explore, teach, improve.

Canyoning in the Rio Verde, a mountain bike route in Barcelona, hiking in Madrid or a 4×4 route in Malaga. Multi-adventure experiences to enjoy life in a different way.

Adventure activities with maximum fun and absolute safety

Fun and security are the two fundamental factors in the experiences created by Exploramás. What you experience today, we have experienced ourselves. Therefore, we are content in what we do. We offer what you desire.

Our staff is certified, professional and qualified. They are experts that will accompany you in every moment, assist you, help you and instruct you. We provide top quality material for you. Your positive experience is our goal. Your adventure is our success.

Amazing Locations

It is not about knowledge, but about discovering. It is not only living, but also sharing. Enjoy the majestic landscapes. Enter into unique environments. Experience surprising places, full of adventure, history and life.