Team Building Harley Davidson Routes

  • DurationDuration: Entre 1 y 2 hours
  • Size of groupSize of group: For groups between 10 and 30 people.
  • Physical demandPhysical demand: Low.

Can you hear the roaring of the engine? The sound is captivating, evocative and unique. Nothing compares to it. Your heartbeat will increase. The roads will be multiplied. The myth takes control of you.

You get on an authentic Harley Davidson. It is much more than just riding a motorbike. It is a dream come true. An icon that introduces a different lifestyle to you. It connects you with an authentic and free community with its own identity. You will discover a hidden wild side of yourself.

An authentic biker will guide you along the route. A single handkerchief will reveal the surprises of the destination. The city will stand still. You will contemplate each other.

Rock in a Harley is more than just a route. It is a thrilling and exciting trip on board of a symbol of freedom, rebelliousness and provocation. An intense experience, which gives you a new perspective of the city and yourself. Discover Barcelona, Madrid, Malaga and Seville along one of our Harley Davidson routes.

Convert any transfer into a unique experience. You and your team will experience unforgettable moments. Our Harley Davidson team building activity is a different way to get to know a destination, a route on board of these iconic motorcycles on which you discover the main attractions of the area.

An intense experience on a Harley Davidson steered by a professional biker along an established route. While being on a Harley Davidson, a map will help you to locate the main sites along the way and you will discover some unknown and interesting facts about them.

At the end of your trip there is one final surprise. A rock band. A challenge faced in teams, which concludes an experience, which you will never forget.

For groups of 10 - 30 people.
Entre 1 y 2 hours. Remember that the duration of the activities is indicative, since we adapt to the needs, size and characteristics of the group.
Jerez de la Frontera
Sierra Nevada
Costa Brava
Punta Umbría
Sierra del Collserola
Entorno del Penedés
Pueblos blancos del interior
Costa del Sol