For more than a decade we have been creating experiences for people who add value to their companies. We have been reinventing ourselves constantly for more than 10 years, in every event, with every service. No two people will ever feel the exact same emotions. Therefore, there will never be two equal activities for companies in Exploramás. Our actions are unique in planning, designing and execution. What we do, we do for you!

How we create our activities for companies

With permanent, clear, direct and constant communication. To comply with any request, to clarify any question, to resolve any unforeseen problem. Before, during and after the event.

With the flexibility that allows us to adapt each activity at your request, to the established goals, to the needs of the participants, to the chosen location.

With creativity. We are not looking for ideas, we provide real solutions. We use them to make your proposals a reality. Innovation is the way that leads us to success, to your success.

Furthermore, we work with responsibility, because we are committed to the environment and the people. We ensure that our actions have the least impact on the environment and also plan and carry out CSR activities, initiatives to protect and improve the natural environment; cooperation with projects of social purpose; raising awareness with schools and non-profit organizations.

We act with foremost professionalism. We work methodical, detailed, and demanding towards ourselves. We plan each event with a margin allowing unforeseen incidents. We realize our ideas the way we planned them. At each activity we provide you with technical specialists with extensive qualifications and experience.

This is why we guarantee tranquility. We deserve your trust. We are sure about our role in the marketing chain in our industry. We provide activities for agencies, DMCs, communication agencies and event organizations. This is what we do.