Experiences for companies

Fun itself is a highly valued objective for companies. Joy and happiness at work are directly beneficial to the personnel and, at the same time, provide value for the company. For this reason, the Fun at Work Day is celebrated every April 1st since 1996.

We go beyond this time limit and we offer fun any day and at any location with our experiences for companies.

Technology, well-being, gastronomy: more than an incentive.


We use the surprise, creativity, culture, gastronomy, and technology. We play with the destination.

These are experiences for companies designed to be fully enjoyed; designed to be shared in a team; arranged to be enjoyed in peace.

Proposals that fit any available space, which prevent moving or travelling and which involve you and your team in exciting competitions such as the Xbox challenge.

Activities that give you new knowledge, put the latest technology in your hands, that challenge your skills such as the experience with the piloting remote control AR Drones (spectacular four-helix helicopters).

Experiences that seek for calmness, recharge your energy and connect you to the environment as in Tai Chi or Yoga for companies.

Events that activate the senses and let you discover the history and culture of a destination through its gastronomy. This is the case in the Wine Tasting Workshop and in the Tapas Tour for companies.

Moreover, we offer events consisting of challenges that are adjusted to your physical condition, such as the Triathlon event for companies, that help you overcome your own limits.