Team Building in Sevilla

The capital of Andalusia: land of light and happiness, music and art, culture and entertainment. Sevilla, a city of monuments and architecture, dazzles with the Giralda and the Torre del Oro (Golden Tower) and astounds with the Reales Alcázares, the oldest functioning royal palace in Europe. Furthermore, the cathedral, the Plaza de España and the Santa Cruz quarter account to the city’s charm.

Sevilla is also known for culture, art, literature and special legends. Antonio Machado, Diego Velázquez, Gustavo Adolfo Bécquer. The bullfighting costumes and capes, the swirling dresses as well as the flamenco ‘tablaos’ (venues) create a vibrant glow. Enjoy its cuisine, leisure activities and unique lifestyle. The Guadalquivir River is a calm witness of an excellent destination for corporate activities and events: gymkhanas, tours, experiences and team building in Sevilla.

Outdoor activities for companies in Sevilla

Discovering Sevilla

Winding narrow streets, traditional Sevillian houses, imposing courtyards and typical Andalusian style balconies. The district of Santa Cruz, an old part of the medieval Jewish quarter, tells stories of its history at every corner, every square and with every step. With an iPad, your orientation and teamwork you have to submerge yourself into what used to be Spain’s second most important Jewish community. Gymkhana and team building in Sevilla. You will have to discover the hidden clues in order to advance, find the right answers to reach the finishing line. Enigma iPad will let you experience the history of Seville’s Jewish quarter at first hand.

The taste of Sevilla: tapas route

Gazpacho. Fried fish. Eggs a la Flamenca. Andalusian stew. Flavored roe. A trip through Seville’s cuisine in an historically abundant surrounding. The Tapas Route through the old town reveals flavors, textures, aromas… and places: the cathedral, the Giralda, the Torre de Oro, the Plaza de España, the María Luisa Park, the Barrio de Santa Cruz…

Indoor activities for companies in Sevilla

Dancing Sevilla

Tip and heel. Hands in the air. Twisting of wrists and clapping. The frills of the dresses swirl. Andalusia’s most universal dance, named after the area which spreads happiness and color whereever it goes. This is our invitation for you to experience Sevilla in authentic surroundings. The Sevillanas Workshop in a traditional Andalusian country estate combines fun, culture, and learning.

Andalusia, in a team building in Sevilla

Sharpen your senses, test your creativity, have fun while learning about Andalusia’s culture, folklore and cuisine. An imposing and impressive estate in Seville creates the adequate atmosphere for Flamenco Team Building, which opens the doors to a world of tradition and happiness, dance and entertainment. Follow the lead of the Sevillanas; set the rhythm with the cajon drums and castanets; mix your own sangria; make an authentic gazpacho; imitate Picasso; learn how to distinguish between different types of wine of this area. This is a great team building in Sevilla.

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