Four Great Gastronomic Experiences for Four Great Destinations

  • DurationDuration: Entre 2 y 3 hours
  • Size of groupSize of group: For groups between 10 and 400 people.
  • Physical demandPhysical demand: Low.

The heavy callos in Madrid. La sarsuela in Barcelona. The Andalusian gazpacho in Seville. Or the famous fried pescaíto in Malaga. Quite a destination in exquisite snacks. An entire city in small sips. Gastronomy, a powerful attraction capable of transforming a visit into an unforgettable experience. It combines tradition, custom, culture and history. A magnificent thread to turn your event into a great success.

However, you need someone who knows the destination, its hidden charms, its well-kept treasures, and someone who is able to build an unforgettable experience. We’ll help you with that. To begin with, we propose four gastronomic experiences for Madrid, Barcelona, Seville and Malaga.


Actividades gastronomicas para empresas Exploramas Barcelona
It combines the culture and art of Barcelona with the first class gastronomy. It incorporates original challenges and hilarious tests. Use technology to shape it all.

You have chosen Gourmet iPad Barcelona, a different experience that goes beyond a gymkhana, which is better than any tapas route.

In teams, guided by an iPad, you will have to enter a tour full of surprises that will show you Barcelona, its history and its charms in an unforgettable way. The Gothic Quarter, La Ciutadella, El Born, Las Ramblas… Historical characters are waiting for you in the corners, they will challenge you with their tricks and will try to deceive you with their arts. Surpass them and you will be able to enjoy authentic culinary delicacies, jewels of the Catalan cuisine that will transport you to other times.

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Wine route in Malaga

Actividades gastronomicas para empresas Exploramas Málaga
An location full of history. An ecosystem with fabulous natural jewels. A biodiverse scenery of millenarian winemaking tradition.

The Wine Route in Malaga takes you directly to discover the land of vines. A tour of several of the best wineries in the Serranía de Ronda where you will learn to distinguish and appreciate the varieties of white and red grapes of this area that result in magnificent wines.

It is an experience to taste, enjoy and learn from the beginning of the process that, in this location, dates back to the 1st century BC, where it was once the Ibero-Roman city of Acinipo.

Wine Route in Malaga, a journey through time and viticulture that you will not forget.

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Seville Tapas Tour

Actividades gastronomicas para empresas Exploramas Sevilla
An exploration of the authenticity. A journey through singular places where gastronomy discovers a destination full of light and joy, history and culture. A visit to the oldest winery in Seville to taste the famous soldiers of Pavia. Or a visit to an old grocery store where they serve you tapas in stripe paper. You enter the Barrio de Santa Cruz to enjoy the famous “montaditos de pringá” or discover the surprising “tortilla al whisky”; you also visit the Barrio de Triana in search of “scrambled eggs, chacinas and snails”.

And there is no lack in wines in taverns with more than a century of history.

Seville Tapas Tour. With your notebook, your tickets and your personalized map. Choose the route and let’s go! We open the doors for you, you awake your senses.

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Actividades gastronomicas para empresas exploramas Madrid
Intuition, creativity, ingenuity and teamwork to achieve the goal: cook the best recipe. Your own hands are the ones to shape the destiny. Ingredient by ingredient. In a competition against the clock that pits you against other teams. A jury will evaluate your creation and decide the winners.

Sangria, gazpacho, creative pinchos, original tapas… Masterchof is a gastronomic activity for companies that is adapted to outdoor locations and indoor spaces.

A tasty way to enjoy Madrid… with all five senses.

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For groups of 10 - 400 people.
Entre 2 y 3 hours. Remember that the duration of the activities is indicative, since we adapt to the needs, size and characteristics of the group.

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