Team Building Rock Climbing

  • DurationDuration: 2 hours
  • Size of groupSize of group: For groups between 10 and 50 people.
  • Physical demandPhysical demand: Low.

“If everything indicates that you can not pass by a place, it is necessary to pass. This is exactly what it is about.” Albert Frederick Mummery.

The grand wall towers upwards in front of your eyes. The challenge awakens emotions and motivates you.

Now it is you who revives the quote of the father of modern mountaineering  in this exciting team building activity.

Step by step. Grip after grip. Overcome your own limits while climbing. Every meter is an experience. Your own adventure.

Start with something that is more than a sport; a way of seeing life. Rock Climbing. We help you to improve your technique and overcome obstacles.

Ascend onto the rock and experience a great sensation. The satisfaction of self-improvement.

Rock Climbing is an activity of adventures, excitement, health and security. Supported by specialized experts, you and your team will have to overcome a natural wall where you will learn and apply various techniques of this sport.

Knots, material, support, movement… This is sport, adventure and experience. It is nature and life. The limits are there to overcome them. We help you reach the peak, your own summit.

For groups of 10 - 50 people.
2 hours. Remember that the duration of the activities is indicative, since we adapt to the needs, size and characteristics of the group.
Sierra Nevada
Jerez de la Frontera
Costa Brava
Sierra del Collserola
Entorno del Penedés
Pueblos blancos del interior
Costa del Sol
Entorno de Sierra de las Nieves