Team Building in Sancti Petri

A piece of paradise: Sancti Petri is a small island situated near the municipality San Fernando (Cádiz). Its famous castle, a defensive fortress against pirate attacks, is a monumental site full of history, which adds value to the team building activities and events of this area. Furthermore, its surroundings offer a wide range of options for adventures, thrills, and fun.

Outdoor activities for companies in Sancti Petri

Sancti Petri Castle: Navigate towards the fort

Paddle hard. Cut through the waves. Set course for the fort. Competitive Kayak races and canoe relays. A fun team building in Sancti Petri. An odyssey at sea, an encounter with history in the Atlantic Ocean. Travel along the route to the Sancti Petri castle and discover this wonder built between the 16th and 18th century.

At the edge of the cliff: Mountain Bike Route

Pedal along the coastline of Cadiz. Admire the Conil cliffs. Experience your own adventure by the sea. The Mountain bike Route offers landscapes where you will enjoy a unique experience in spectacular settings. Combine this activity with skillful challenges such as archery or aiming the sling-shot. You will have fun during the team building in Sancti Petri.

Beach games: Team Building in Sancti Petri

Jump and run. Think and act. Compete and fight. Create, invent and enjoy yourself. The Atlantic Challenge is a team building in Sancti Petri in which fun and laughter are guaranteed. Demonstrate your team working skills to master the Melt Down game while being blindfolded. Win the rubber ball race. Stay on your feet and knock your opponent down in the amusing Gladiator Duel. Learn how to build your own raft and test it at sea.

Team Building Adventure Challenge
Rocks, mountains, canyons, 4×4, bow and arrows… Face the great Adventure Challenge. Skill, orientation, boldness, curiosity, achievement, fun and games. You are a real adventurer, an explorer of emotions and experiences, the protagonist of an unforgettable expedition. You will have to test your own limits, confront them, overcome them. Learn climbing techniques. Get to know […]
Team Building Jeep Emotion
Search, drive, challenge. Explore the route. Observe, interpret, sense. Feel the thrill of the unknown. The road inclines. The forest closes around you. A river cuts off your way. However, where there’s a will there’s always a way: the adventure. You have an all-terrain vehicle. Trust in your sense of orientation. This is the Jeep […]
Team Building Flamenco
Clap your hands. Mark the beat on the drums. Shining shawls. Thundering stomping. Flamenco Team Building, a cultural team building activity, which lets you dive into the folklore and culture of Spain with its music, cuisine and art. Dance like a Sevillana, maintain the beat on the percussion instruments and learn how to make Gazpacho […]
Team Building Tapas Tour For Companies
Taste the destination in a bite. The city in a small sip. Get to know the gastronomy, the habits, the culture and the people on a tour to charming places with a lot of character. Tapas Route for companies. Try the best culinary specialties of the area. Enjoy some of the region’s best wines. All […]
Team Building Enigma Ipad
Technology. Teaming. Fun. Surprises. More than a gymkhana with an iPad. Much more than a treasure hunt. Enigma iPad is a fun urban adventure for companies that allows you to discover surprising places. Streets, neighborhoods, towns and cities turn into a great game board for you and your team in this team building experience. Technology […]
Team Building Tai Chi for Companies
A dialogue with yourself. Without words. A look inside. No rush. A process of relaxation. Meditation in movement. A chance to start a day in a different way. Natural, healthy. This is Tai chi for companies. Recharge your energy with inner calmness and fluid motions. The sound of the waves, the leaves of the trees, […]
Team Building Cinema
Lights, cameras and… entertainment! During this iPad Cinema Team Building, you will shoot your short film and at the same time get the opportunity to explore the destination. Bold framings. Creative dialogues. Improvised performances. A shooting in which you and your team are the stars. Turn on the iPad and start recording. Liberate your creativity […]
Team Building Xbox Challenge
Jump to overcome the obstacles. Turn to change the direction. Shake your body to dance. Your alter ego is on the small screen. It is a representation of you in a different dimension where the fun and adventure go hand in hand with the competition. The Xbox Challenge is an exciting team building activity for […]
Team Building Formula One Construction
Time is running against you. Your rivals are getting closer. The circuit is ready. The pole position awaits you. Awaken your ingenuity, liberate your creativity, activate your imagination. Teamwork is the key to success. In this team building activity you will have to overcome two challenges. Put on the jumpsuit and apply your technical skills. […]
Corporate events with Flamenco
A gymkhana about flamenco. A musical team building for companies with a lot of duende. A route through unique tablaos. A corporate experience with a lot of rhythm to learn and enjoy. A masterclass that activates and makes you feel free. A show that surprises you and engages with you. These are the corporate events […]

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