Team Building: Cave Exploring

The abyss at your feet. It is the gateway to a new, different and hidden world. Slide, descend and discover tunnels and underground caves created by water over thousands of years.

Enter and explore an unknown territory. Be amazed by the hidden sides of nature, discover its inner and profound beauty.

This is Cave Exploring, a discipline that combines science and sport to create a great adventure. Marbella, Ronda, Cadiz … Andalusia offers surprising places full of wonders for you to admire during this adventure.

Let the light guide you through the darkness.

Cave Exploring is one of the most amazing adventure activities. The feeling of entering the dark caves and discovering a hidden and unique world, makes it a memorable experience.

You and your group explore ancient tunnels, descend down caves and grottos full of hidden secrets. Enjoy learning technical skills required for exploring a cave. Types of knots. The necessary material.

Skilled and professional staff will guide and help you during your experience. The professionals and the high quality material guarantee an incredible underground adventure. Dare to explore the caves and discover the destination in a different way.

For groups of 10 - 30 people.
Entre 3 y 4 hours. Remember that the duration of the activities is indicative, since we adapt to the needs, size and characteristics of the group.
Entorno de Sierra de las Nieves
Costa Brava
Costa del Sol
Pueblos blancos del interior