Team Building Events with Graffiti

The spray forms a part of your art. Create outlines. Fill them with your essence. You and your teammates reinvent the destination with a different, creative and free point of view. This is inspiration. This is talent. This is teamwork. The Street Art Experience is team building with graffiti in which you dive into this urban art form. Discover brilliant, irreverent, demanding, provocative and sensitive artists. Connect with the destination. Experience a great battle of talent and creativity in teams, where you have to prove your ingenuity. It is an experience designed to enjoy destinations such as Barcelona, Madrid, Malaga, Valencia and Seville in a different way. An activity for companies that can be adapted to any scenery, outdoor or indoor.


Street Art Experience is team building with graffiti. First, you discover authentic street art jewels together with a specialist in art history, responsible for the installation and management of large exhibitions in various museums in Spain and other countries. The specialist will reveal secrets and curiosities of the artworks and their artists.

After that you have to measure your creativity, talent, ingenuity and good mood in a graffiti competition in teams. A mural of boxes will be the canvas on which you have to capture your own perception of the destination and of the values of your company or on which you can reproduce any of the artworks seen in the tour. Creations full of stories and meanings that will emerge you from your teamwork.

Sprays, stencils, markers, paints, … The time has come to free your imagination in this original and entertaining experience.