Responsibles Events: CSR Commitment

    We were born of adventure. We grew up in the natural environment. And we owe it for what we are. This is our debt to the environment and to the life, with which we are faced with across the Project Commitment.

    It is an initiative of present and future, of solidarity and hope. A program that generates alliances and complicities and public and private events of Corporate Social Responsability (CSR). It commits us and motivates us, involves us and mobilizes us. From this perspective, we incorporate into your strategic objectives an incalculable united value. Teamwork, the improvement of internal communication, the increased productivity are goals to which we take you to turn a project full of life. Our responsible events increase motivation of an exponential way, intensify the emotions, untie the positive sensations, and help to make a better place of this world.

    Responsible events, solidarity actions, sustainable activities.

    It is not a question of getting the lowest impact. We propose you to go further away. You will help to protect the natural environment with reforestation and enviromental preservation activities. You will fight and favor the communities with more difficulties in cooperative efforts with NGOs and improvements in children homes. We work with schools, associations, public administrations and private entities. We look for a change of attitude, we live through intense experiences, and we generate new networks of cooperations and assistance. There you will find your place.


    CSR events are social, responsible actions that go beyond the event. The collective effort that takes place in this type of corporate events is to reach a common target and not only to produce the direct benefit in the natural environment or in the community for which it is operated. This type of CSR activities:
    • increases your motivation as participants;
    • reinforces your ties as partners;
    • provides a remarkable perception of self-realisation;
    • strengthens the link with your own company which incorporates you into its CSR actions.


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